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a sister there. and i have a brother in arlington, texas. all of my family lives in texas. including uncles and cousins and aunts. i'm the only one i think who migrated beyond the bounds of texas. most texans seem to return. but nonetheless, we have lived in washington for the last nine years. i worked for newspapers in north carolina, in virginia, last at the virginian pilot down in norfolk. came to the administration in '83. i was a political conservative, brian, who wanted an opportunity to serve his country, to have an opportunity to be in public life. i had been a journalism -- there's a debate as to one should go through the revolving door, but ronald reagan was someone i believed in. i thought well of. when i had the opportunity to serve, i took advantage of the opportunity and came to washington. >> what kind of a conservative are you, traditional or libertarian? >> i would probably be more clearly or easily called a traditional. >> what does that mean? >> well, i think basically a conservative or traditional conservative would be someone who respects the constitution,s the fact tha
? >> i was born in texas, and he was at that time -- he was for much of his life a college professor and a teacher, as was my mother, who is still living. and very active, by the way. and he was teaching at a little school called texas a & i in kingsville texas in 1934 before i was born. then we moved before chattanooga tennessee, and he taught there the university of chattanooga in the late 1930s and early 1940's. then in world war ii he went in -- and he taught other schools as well. then he went into the atomic energy commission when they were hiring at oakridge, and became involved in a lot of political and oficial issues there, which had not been his field before. he was a pofessor of english literature. and then after the war, they moved him and our family up here and he worked for the a.e.c. here in washington. so my childhood was spent mostly in tennessee, then in this metro area up through the early 1950's. >> the reason i ask that, your mom was a classic scholar. >> yes. she studied greek and latin at the university of mississippi, which is where my father met her. he had b
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2